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LED Lighting System

One of the most popular option is the LED lighting system.Because of their tiny size, LED chips can be aligned and configured in a variety of ways to illuminate infinite shapes of indoor and outdoor commercial signage. Our UL listed LED strip lights are perfect for this sort of installation, providing brilliant, energy-efficient illumination that will last for several maintenance-free years. LED strip lights are thin, flexible, and come with adhesive backing, meaning they can be bent to follow various curves and angles such as those found in channel lighting. With optional IP weatherproofing, LED strip lights are also resistant to water and dust.

Cut options

Contour Cut will cut your sign to the exact shape of your design.

Standard Cut will cut your sign as a standard rectangle in the size selected.


This wall display system helps your signage to communicate the image you wish to project. Standoffs, wall fasteners, and other wall display systems do this with minimal effort yet the visual rewards are great. Our wall display system is cast in solid brass and showcases a satin silver finish. These wall mount standoffs are meant to last the life of your wall display. The standoffs will support panels up to 1/2″ thick.

To install this wall mount display, first mount the standoffs using the included mounting hardware. Drill 1/2″ holes in your sign panel and place the standoff caps through the holes and into the standoffs mounted on the wall. Tighten the standoffs together and walk away to admire your effort!